Braden White


Excellence in the details matters.

Inspiration is what can change a life.


Tia Wharton

Communications Director

Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders

make the most of every opportunity.

Our goal is to partner with and equip the Church and other Christian minded organizations honor God in day to day tech operations. Being a good steward of the time, talents, and treasure (finances) of an organization is our priority.  Our goal is to continue a working relationship with every single customer after a network is setup, a website is built, or a major production install is complete. Our focus is to create systems and structures that are personalized and work for you and your team. Regardless if you team is just you or it is 50 people and growing strong. Partnering with people is our purpose.

We have partnered with over 100 non-profit and church organizations since Stunning White Media started in 2014. We are intentional about pushing the mission and vision of organizations forward and leveraging technology to do so.